The 27 inch Man


The extraordinary life of Columbian Edward Hernandez who at the age of 24 was just 27 inches tall. Because of his tiny size Edward was used to unwanted attention from strangers but in 2010 his life changed dramatically when he was officially declared the shortest man in the world. The media frenzy was immediate. How would Edward cope with overnight fame and how long could he keep hold of his title? Before his record, Edward scarcely left the house in Bogota. Now he was invited to the Columbian President’s palace and became a hit on the Latin American chat show circuit. But Edward quickly discovers there’s a downside to fame and then, just weeks after winning his title, there is bad news. In Nepal, the smallest teenager in the world is about to turn 18, and Edward’s title is under threat. Bodyshock is long running documentary strand that investigates extraordinary and moving real life stories about the extremes of the human body.