2050 Future Storm


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This documentaryproduced in 2002, tells the story of a terrible year in our future. A year when the worlds biggest killer is our climate. Global warming may take millions of lives. Scientists are predicting storms more savage then anything we have yet seen, fire and flood, destruction on a massive scale. In our future global warming could cause up to 30 million deaths in a single year, that year is 2050. This doucmentary begins with an imagined television news broadcast from the future. “Good evening this is News Select it is July 122050. The main news today: Scientists are predicting a year of disasters on an unprecedented scale, the reason global warming. predicted effects range from floods to landslides, droughts are forecast too. The death rate from starvation world wide is set to rise to 20,000 a week. In the next 12 months meteorologists are predicting a death toll well into the 10s of millions from weather disasters alone.” Directed by Richard Burke Ward.