Theme of the Week

I am using a new program to show documentaries on the home page. I now have a small area at the top of localhost to highlight documentaries based on a theme I will try to change every week. The documentaries show below Theme Of The Week section are still randomly displayed.
Previous weekly themes
May 10, 2020 In The News
This week’s theme isn’t as depressing as it seems, focusing on pandemics and large-scale disaster in general. Zombies: A Living History is actually a tongue-in-cheek documentary on the history of Zombies in popular culture. Includes the CDC’s use of Zombies as a way for really useful disaster preparedness outreach. Read more about it here. The Great Plague of Cock and Key Alley focuses on how the Great Plague of 1665 affected common people. Many great historical documentaries focus on rich and powerful people, often because there are not many reliable first hand sources for common people.

May 3, 2020 Adam-Hart Davies Presenting