Changes Coming to the List!

Hello Fellow documentary fans!! I am changing the software I use to run this site from Joomla and K2 to Wordpres. You read a good comparison of the two here. Why am I making this change? Well a lot of reasons. First I want to make the website pages load faster. WordPress is also better at sharing with sites like facebook and twitter and search engine results. Just try searching “watch documentaries online for free” localhost is listed somewhere around page 300!! Whoever gets that far? Improving search engine results should help more people find this little website, that will improve traffic and that will increase ad revenue. I use Google Adsense, and get about 30 US dollars a year! Of course Google only pays out when I reach 100 USD so I get a check of 100 USD about once every 3 years. Of course I don’t put this site out to make money, my only hope is that one year I will earn enough to cover the server fees I pay every 3 months and domain registration I pay every year.But the thing I would like to have most, and which will probably never happen, is to have user accounts on this site. That means you would be able to login with your Facebook or Twitter account and actually be able to save a list of your favorite documentaries!! I tried this once a couple of years ago and got a lot of spam registrations and tons of posts to the autograph page and comments on all the documentaries advertising prescription drugs from china and body part enlarging pills!! YUCK!! Of course this is still possible with WordPress but there are add-ons for WordPress that I can buy that make user accounts a little more secure. That’s years away of course. The first step is to get the site faster for the people that use it now, then make sharing it easier. With these two things WordPress is much better. Please be patient while these changes happen! Thanks
Kimmie P