Update August 23 2018

Great News!
I’ve finished adding categories to the over 1200 individual documentaries on localhost! This is so important because the whole point of this site is to make finding documentaries easy. The categories will also help with the search function, once that is up and running.
But guess what? Just when I’m done with one thing, I’ve decided to make life more difficult for myself! Yes I’m thinking of making another change to the basic software I use to run this site. I know … I know … ridiculous!
But it’s all part of moving this site into financial self sufficiency. I’ve got to get this site more traffic, that way more people open pages and that loads the ads. I use Google Ads, so I can earn money from just the ads loading, people don’t even have to click them and risk downloading software. The only way to get more traffic is to make it easier for Google and Yahoo and other search engines to go through the site and to get more posting on social media site. I’ve done a lot of research on the big documentary listing sites topdocumentaryfilms.com freedocumentaries.org documentaryheaven.com etc. They get a lot of traffic, and only one relies on donations and not ads. They have even more documentaries than I do, so their databases are larger, but they get much better search engine ranking and load a lot faster. They don’t have the listing of categories and sub-categories I do and don’t focus on history like I do, they do a lot more conspiracy, alien stuff. But I think my focus and drop down menus are what make my site unique and an asset. What I can do to make my site more like those are changing the underlying software from Joomla to WordPress. Also WordPress has plugins that will auto post to social media sites and create sitemaps (a key to getting better search rankings) for free or for much less than the Joomla equivalents, and are some free plugins that automatically convert Joomla content to WordPress. So I’m going to create a WordPress version of this site on my computer at home and play around with it, but I’m only doing that as a secondary project while I continue to add more documentaries to the current online Joomla site and continue to check what’s already up to make sure there are no dead videos up.