Update June 21st

Hi Fellow Documentary Fans,
So I’m continuing the categorizing of all the documentaries and it’s pretty slow going.

So far I’ve got 240 documentaries out of 1200+ categorized. I had to redo this because I switched from SobiPro to K2 to run the website, and the categorization didn’t transfer. I also added some more categories like Near East for a geographic location, and split a few categories so Art & Artists is it’s own category and Architecture it’s own category. I’m also trying to get 5 new documentaries on the site a week. Until I can afford the auto post software from Extly I have to manually post on Twitter, facebook etcetera. All this slows down the categorization process. I don’t have search up now because I wasn’t sure how this might affect the site, and it’s possible searching could create so many new entries into the database it could effectively crash the site. My attitude is better safe than sorry so the best way to make the site usable is to focus on the categorizing for now.
So that’s what’s up people. I’m working away on the categorizing!