Feb 27 2017 Update

Hi Fans,
The site is back up and running. My next task is to go through all the documentaries and remove any dead ones. I also need to finish categorizing the documentaries.
When I moved from SobiPro to K2 to host the site all the category information was stripped. So if you browse category Popular Series – TimeWatch you will see Stalin and the Betrayal of Leningrad. But if you looked under Europe – Russia yesterday it was missing. (I’ve now added it)
So that’s what I’m doing now. I’m now working two jobs (trying to pay off my student loans and credit cards) so I’m not able to spend much time on this, just a few hours each month. I don’t think it’s fair to accept donations when I’m spending so little time on this site, and my two moderators decided to take a break. But if you love this site you can still help by sharing on social media, or clicking an ad you are interested in (I use Google AdWords) so keep on coming by and sharing links to DocumentaryList.NET
Peace, Love & Documentaries!