Update February 7, 2017

Sorry for the site being down lately. Money problems again. I had to renew the domain and pay for 3 months of hosting again. I wasn’t able to do that in time which is why the site was down.
I’m going to re-start the page tracking all my expenses, donations and ad income. GoogleAds have been running on my site for the last two years but I still haven’t received any money because they only pay once an account has reached 100 USD in ad hits. With my little site that will be several more years before I have that many visitors. I want the expenses page to show that I have invested the donations wisely, but I am still not asking for more donations until I can put more time into the site.
So if you want to help the site, just keep visiting, share the site so I can get more traffic and more ad hits and hopefully I can get GoogleAds payments once a year instead of once every several years.