Update on Site September 18, 2015

Hello everyone,
So I just finished a code check for all documentaries added to the site before June, 2015. That means I actually clicked on each documentary to check if it was still up and working, to make sure the documentary streaming was actually what the title and series shows and that it wasn’t strangely shaped or so tiny you can’t watch. Good news this round only had to remove 46 documentaries. What that tells me is that more documentaries are being put up by the actual copyright owners and they are making enough money in ad revenue that it’s worth their while to keep it up. Let’s hope they keep it up! Checking the code really should be an ongoing process, but actually I tend to do it more in bursts. So I’m going to try to check a few every week and keep up that way. But you know how lax I am on keeping up with goals! Now I’m going to go back to double checking the categories match what I have them in and continue to post to blogger as a backup to the site. You can’t actually watch the documentaries there, it just gives you a link back to DocumentaryList.NET, but it’s more friendly to search engines then the software I use for this website. I also just registered with Tumblr and Quora, I’m not sure I’m actually going to post there, but at least it’s another option.
I will continue to add new documentaries to this site, as always YouTube is the major source, but I also search the less known sites like Veoh, Metacafe, StageVu and Vimeo, which is now becoming a real hub for producers and directors. The only issue is that a lot of them won’t allow me to embed code on my website. That’s because the producers want to see the IP numbers of people watching their documentaries so they know where in the world people are watching their stuff. In those cases I just post a link that you follow to watch the documentaries. I know I know!! You come here because you don’t want to follow tons of links from here to there to over there, but considering Vimeo does have great quality streaming (not tons of buffer time) and you are guaranteed to watch documentaries that are being shared by the copyright owners, and it’s free I think it’s worth the extra effort.
So that’s what I’m up to now fans! Remember keep sharing the site with others, I am in a real money crunch right now and the more people that know about my site the more likely I can earn money through ad revenue and the occasional donations. Remember really no pressure on the donations!! I know how tough it is in the economy now!! I only share my financial situation so you know why I’m not spending as much time as usual on the site.
Peace, Love & Documentaries Y’All!!
– Kimmie