Update on the Site July 16, 2015

Hi Fans,
I’m continuing to add new documentaries, my goal is 10 new documentaries a day. I also send out tweets, facebook posts, Google+ posts, and blogger posts, you can follow me on any of those formats by clicking the icon on the top right. As you know, the contents of DocumentaryList.NET are based on what I find interesting or worth sharing. Over the past few years my interests have changed, I have also started to add documentaries that I don’t enjoy or agree with because they have been requested. I have also added a lot that I haven’t watched. I have added new categories and some documentaries don’t fit in all the categories they were originally listed in, or that I guessed they would fit into but after watching them I see that they don’t. So it’s time for a little re-organizing of categories and documentaries, so that’s my new big project. But you know me! I can’t stay focused on any one thing for too long. So I’m also going to finally start work on the article listing everything I spend donations, ad revenue, and my own money on. Hopefully between the two projects I can keep busy and not get bored!
That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!