Update June 7 2015

Hey there documentary fans!
I just finished a streaming check. This is where I check on each and every documentary to make sure it is still up and available to watch online for free. I removed about 45 dead links, that leaves 650 – 700 documentaries with full descriptions, and categorized for you to browse and enjoy. Other documentary listing sites (which shall remain nameless) say they have “over 5000” “over 3000” documentaries but how many of those are dead links? How many are 2 minute trailers? I work hard to keep this site full of great documentaries that I enjoy watching and hope you will too! I’m adding more documentaries every week and every 6 months do a full streaming check to keep the site fresh! Hope you enjoy my work and watch for more documentaries coming soon. Also I’ve finished the majority of the back end code clean up. Next on the list is a front page slider, so keep coming back!