What I’m thinking of doing next

Hello Fans,
So how are you liking the peek into the way I manage this website on my own? You can tell from my last few posts my mind darts around a lot. One good thing about having moderators to help me was that it forced me to be more logical about my “to do lists” I had to keep it very limited and start at point A then complete it all the way to point B. I was forced to be clear and understandable so that everyone was working on the same task and completing it before start a new one. When I’m on my own I just dart around. Well anyway I’ve noticed how long my website takes to load. I use a server in Canada and I’m in the United States so it shouldn’t take long. When I say “my website” I don’t mean the documentaries streaming. You can basically think of every page as a wall and a picture frame. The documentary streams through the picture frame, I can’t control the time that takes to work. But I can control everything else on the wall and that’ is what seems to take so long. I think it’s because of the template I am using. I use an old rocket theme template, which uses the gantry framework. It’s a lot of code to load and I don’t use the fancy options gantry offers so it’s not really worth it.
My favorite colors for the past few years have been teal, yellow and grey. You will see those a lot on the site so I need a new template that incorporates those colors because they are already hard coded into many of the extensions, and something that doesn’t use a heavy framework like gantry. So for now I’ll be surfing the web a lot looking for a template that fills my needs without costing too much.
– Kim