Done with URL fix

Hello Fans,
I finished my project of trying to shorten the URLs to the site. This may make the old tweets, facebook and google + posts announcing new documentaries on the site not work. I’m looking into that to see if I can easily fix it. If not I will delete the old announcements. When working on the URLs I noticed a new problem. If you would click on any of the menus (like Browse by Category for Medieval History) It would show all the documentaries on the site that match but only one documentary at a time, so you would have to click the link underneath that one to see the next and so on. Very annoying . So I fixed that and you can now see 20 documentaries at a time. I don’t like that the page numbers at the bottom are so small so I may work on that. For now I’m focusing on fixing the annoucement links. I also noticed in my database how many error pages are showing up. This is really something I don’t know how to fix. I am using SobiPro a free website software, but the only way to get support (and to get the exentsions I needed to start this site) is to pay for “Club memberships” The cheapest one is 40 Euros and it only lasts for one month. So I’ve got to save up for that. I spent the last of the donations and ad revenue to pay for domain renewal fees and server fees. So for now my focus is fixing the announcement URLs, continue to search for more documentaries to add for the site, and I still want to make a page that shows all my expenses
Well that’s the update for now