Done with site wide streaming check

Hello fans,
I’m done with checking each documentary to make sure it is still actually up and streaming. I found 78 documentaries that were no longer working and have unpublished them. That means I still have the description and categories selected, and still have that data stored, so if the producers decide to put the documentary up again in the future it’s easy to just add the embed code. There are 725 documentaries still working, and i have about 20 more that I have the embed code for but just need time to write up a description (or better find one online and copy/paste) and select the categories for it. That’s good news! So what I’ve learned from this experience is that I am definitely not a fan of streaming site. Yes there is lots of stuff up there but the popup windows are just overwhelming and the streaming is pretty slow, and it is all user uploaded stuff not guaranteed to be put up and authorized by the official copyright owner, so there’s no guarantee that the revenue earned from all of those pop up ads is going to the actual documentary producer. Hulu is also not a great source for me. Yes they do all the investigating so I know for sure that the documentaries are legal, and a portion of the add revenue goes to the documentary producers. That’s something I really want to encourage. But I have only found one documentary that is still available after 6 months. I think what is going on is that the documentary producers are putting up their stuff on Hulu hoping to get ad revenue, and then when they aren’t getting what they want immediately they pull them. So I end up doing lots of work to add them to the and you come here hoping to see them but then you click on it and it doesn’t work, or you just get an error message. That’s not good for you or me! Compare that experience with Hulu to a site like YouTube where the official PBS account has had some documentaries up for 5 years.
I also found a new hoster, that claims to only allow uploads from copyright owners in exchange for giving them a portion of ad proceeds and it has a few documentaries. I’m going to start slow with them adding only documentaries that I already have descriptions and categories for and watch them for the next few months. I don’t want to invest too much effort into them in case they become a crazy pop up ad site like
Well that’s all on this subject fans. For now I’m going to continue searching the net for more documentaries to add to the list and let you know about any new “projects” for the site I take on.