Still Checking All Documentaries are up and working

Hi Fans,
Still working on checking the documentaries are up and running. Of the 886 documentaries listed on the site I’ve checked 329 and found 100 of those 300 aren’t working. That’s either because the uploader deleted them, or the hosting site, like YouTube, deleted them or the account of the uploader.
Almost all are from YouTube. I know you must be thinking why does Kim even bother adding documentaries hosted on YouTube to the List? Well, except for the few “big baddies” like BBC, and Discovery Channel most documentary producers are happy to have random members of the public upload their stuff. A few years ago I personally uploaded documentaries from PBS and National Geographic to YouTube. Of course they get flagged as copyrighted by YouTube, but they haven’t been taken down. Instead I got an email from YouTube saying they copyright holder agreed to leave the documentary on YouTube, but YouTube would show ads at the beginning and end of the documentary I uploaded and any money generated by the ads would go to the copyright holder. I’m hoping that as companies like PBS and Nat Geo start to see real income from leaving their documentaries up, the others will follow suit. So that’s why I keep adding YouTube hosted docs, plus you just can’t beat the speed for buffering.