Update January 21, 2015

Hi fans!
I’m going to try and keep this blog up to date with at least weekly messages. They are going to be really short, but I think they might be interesting. I’m going to try to install a counter to see if these short messages are actually something people are interested in and reading.
It’s tough to get a good counter, because of search engine bots. Basically those are little programs that google, yahoo and the like are constantly running, the look at every page almost daily download the text and add them to their search engines. Those are good because they download the documentary descriptions to their search engines and then when people search for things like “free documentaries about Napoleon” and “watch documentaries online for free” they find my site! but they’re also bad because they increase counter numbers so it looks like tons of people are visiting my website or reading my blog when they really aren’t.
I’m trying to be really efficient with my time because the two moderators I had helping me have stopped helping. I totally understand, they donated their time for free and sometimes life gets in the way. I was just grateful for the time they were able to spend on this little website.
So now it’s just me, Kim, your dedicated website founder to keep this site going, I too have a life and full time job so I can’t give too much time.
Right now my main goal is to check all of the over 700 documentaries listed and make sure they are working. Hopefully that will take just a week or two.
I’ll let you know how that is going in my next post!