Update 23-October-2012

Thought I’d give you another update and cross a few things off my to do list. So here’s the progress with completed stuff crossed out

1. Transfer old reviews and ratings to new database
2. Categorize documentaries – this takes a long time because I have to think of every possible category for a single documentary
3. Add Category list icons
4. Come up with some way to count individual documentaries so I’m not saying I have 3 documentaries on the site when there is just 1 documentary but it is streaming from YouTube, Veoh and Hulu
5. Add reviewed documentaries modules with links
6. transfer old articles to new database

7. Go live!
8. Add FAQ and about us pages and thanks page
9. Come up with “related documentaries” code or module, preferably module
10. Add submit documentary links functions
11. Add community builder membership extension – make sure no spam memberships possible
12. Add “my docu-list” page for members to save faves, add email alerts
13. Add create and share lists functions
Here’s a screen shot of the completed review module. It’s not a true reviews holder. If it were as soon as you submitted a review it would appear on the module at the top. For now I have to actually copy and paste the review text into the module. But at least its up and when you click on the title it will actually take you to a page where you can stream the documentary so that’s good.