Work Continues 2012-October-18

Hello All,
Well I thought I would give you an update. Work is progressing much faster because with a SobiPro membership I have access to their VIP Help forum so I can help with coding problems very quickly.
Anyway here are some pictures of the site now. It still looks pretty rough. But the point is to get it working, looking pretty will come later. As you can see there are a few more browse options. So you can browse by timeline, click on the link to middle ages and boom! You got all the documentaries about that time period. Of course I have to put the documentaries in the correct categories. But that’s on my to do list. I now have the category lists working. and Descriptions and embed code for all the documentaries. I also have the review forms working so anyone can add a review or rate documentaries.
Next on my to do lists is:
1. Transfer old reviews and ratings to new database
2. Categorize documentaries – this takes a long time because I have to think of every possible category for a single documentary.
3. Add Category list icons
4. Come up with some way to count individual documentaries so I’m not saying I have 3 documentaries on the site when there is just 1 documentary but it is streaming from YouTube, Veoh and Hulu
5. Add review ed documentaries modules with links
6. transfer old articles to new database
7. Go live!
8. Add FAQ and about us pages and thanks page
9. Come up with “related documentaries” code or module, preferably module
10. Add submit documentary links functions
11. Add community builder membership extension – make sure no spam memberships possible
12. Add “my docu-list” page for members to save faves, add email alerts
13. Add create and share lists functions