Sad News 2012-September-16

Hi Fans,
So as you know I stay away from commenting on politics or the whole copyright vs. sharing debate. Except for the fact that I use open share software to create this site and I use “feature-ing” in my site. That means I have the regular list of documentaries that are in alphabetical and category order, but I might put a documentary I especially like or want to promote at the top of a page in a “featured” box or on a “featured” side bar. I do this to show my support of sharing by featuring PBS documentaries.
I think PBS has the whole copyright sharing controversy right!
They show full length documentaries and programs on their own site and have a few on youtube. I embed those documentaries here add descriptions and put them in categories to make them easier to find. PBS know they sell more dvds because see the ones they have on the internet, become interested and will buy the same one they saw or others!!
Why oh why can’t the rest of the television and film industry figure this out!!
I like to call myself an ethical share-er. Although I have in the past been part of the file-sharing world I don’t anymore. Instead I look for documentaries other people have put up and catalog them and list them here. You will notice on my site that I never put up documentary “DVD extras” This is because I think when companies like PBS (and in the uk only BBC) are willing to put their main product online and offer extras as an enticement to people to buy the DVDs they should be supported. Also when there is both an HD and standard quality version of a documentary available to purchase I will only connect to standard quality versions for the same reason.
Sorry for the rant Fans, but a recent development in the sharing community has got me really mad!! You can read more about it here