Update September 16, 2012

Hello all,
So as promised here’s an update. I’ve got an updated version of the site software working, with the current list of documentaries and descriptions working with it. The new software sobipro is not all free as the current version sobi2. The way SobiPro is setup is that you can get the basic software for free with no documentation and only community forum based support.
To get SobiPro with addons so that you can add comments to each documentary you have to buy a “Bronze level” subscription that means you get the comments add-ons and a few others and you get access to documentation and support for 1 month for 36 Euros. I paid that about a year ago, so I’m using the older version of the comments add-ons. The current site has a ratings and review add-on that allows you to post reviews to the documentary and allows people to get email alerts if someone else responds to your review and allows you to rate each documentary by clicking 1-5 stars. The ratings would show up in search results and category listings to give you an idea of what other people viewing this website think of the documentary. I really like the rating feature because its just clicking a star on the page, you don’t have to fill out any form or captchas. Anyway to get the rating and review plugin for the new SobiPro requires a Silver membership which is 60 Euros and is good for 3 months. So I’m saving up for that now. its probably going to be a while since I’ve only earned 8.00 from the ads since May of this year, but don’t worry I’ll get there. I’ve just been approved as an amazon affiliate so I’ll have that up and running soon. And hopefully that will bring in some more funds for the site. Anyway for now what I’m doing is converting the old reviews into comments that will be posted next to each documentary. You won’t be able to rate the documentaries but you will be able to post your own reviews by posting in the comments for each documentary.