This Week – Friday 16 March, 2012

Hello All,
Well I’m working on deleting dead documentaries. I’m visiting every link and testing. The bad news is our list of documentaries is getting smaller, the good news is you will not have the frustration of browsing through a category and seeing a description of what looks like a really great documentary only to click on it and see it was deleted.
I hate when that happens!!
I just finished, we now have only 200 documentaries and a lot of the series are missing episodes, but at least no dead links. Also it looks like Google Video has not deleted their entire database, so there are still many on Google video if you prefer their interface.
Up next I am working on a FAQ section. I’m going to try and copy and paste from most of the hosts sites so hopefully it won’t take to long. I’m also looking for a good voting module so I can post polls and get opinions from you.