Supersizers Edwardian Supersize Me


How would a modern day couple about town fare on an Edwardian middle class gourmet’s diet? In Edwardian Supersize Melaunching The Edwardians The Birth Of Now season, food critic and writer Giles Coren and comedian Sue Perkins gamely accept the challenge to live like an Edwardian gent and lady, with traditional dress, parlour games, dinner parties and picnics all thrown in for good measure. Celebrity chef Sophie Grigson and her in house kitchen team are in charge of making sure that Giles and Sue dine on the best the Edwardian era had to offer. Multiple course breakfasts, lunches, teas and dinners, taken from Herman Senn’s Century Cookbook a typical menu for an upper middle class family of the time are dished up with vigour. Soon, Giles and Sue’s restrictive Edwardian dress and overall mental state is straining under the pressure of three full meals a day, rounded off with multiple course dinners and strict Edwardian evening etiquette. Their final challenge in their Edwardian eat-a-thon is a 12 course “recreation” banquet at The Savoy. The menu is based on one cooked at the hotel on 12 January 1905with dishes such as truffles, oysters, stuffed chicken with foie gras and duck cooked and served in its own blood, followed by a host of sweet treats and Champagne will they survive unscathed? In just a few years at the start of the 20th century, Britain changed in unimaginable ways. From the rise of the “commuter classes” to the birth of brandsthe High Street and tabloid journalism, the Edwardians began the march towards the modern world we know today. This new BBC Four season, The Edwardians The Birth Of Now, investigates, interrogates and celebrates the richness and excitement of this pioneering and world-changing time.