Stalin and The Betrayal of Leningrad


On the night of October 1,1950, five high ranking Soviet Communist Party officials who led the city of Leningrad through its tragic wartime siege, were marched out into the cold night and executed. The death of the leaders under Stalin’s direct orders, was part of a witchhunt that started three years after the war ended and became known as the Leningrad Affair. Based on a series of bizarre allegations, Stalin executed not only the city’s senior party leaders but purged the whole city from the top down. More than 2000 Leningraders were arrested and fantastic efforts were made to conceal historic records of events in Leningrad during the siege. Stalin And The Betrayal of Leningrad features documents stored in Stalin’s personal archive for 60 years. They reveal the post-war paranoia that led Stalin to take the brutal steps against those who won the war for him. Stalin feared they were a danger to his power and that the war lessened the mass Soviet belief in his central leadership. Stalin and Betrayal of Leningrad also tells the real story of the 900 days under German siege, when more than one and a quarter million Leningraders perished. It features interviews with the last survivors of the siege, documents and original film material from the period.