Mysteries of the Bible Abraham One Man One God


After thousands of years of debate and question this series explores many of the greatest tales of Scripture. Filmed on location throughout the Holy Land and utilizing modern scientific techniques and newly found archaeological discoveries Mysteries of the Bible reveals surprising facts and theories behind the legendary figures and fabled stories of the Bible. The acclaimed A and E series Mysteries of the Bible provide a wealth of astonishing discoveries and unforgettable revelations. Episode Abraham One Man One God – His covenant with God led to the birth of a nation and in the ultimate test of devotionhe was asked to sacrifice his son. Abraham’s unwavering faith made him one of the holiest men in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Yet for all his renown, is there evidence that such a man existed? 1500 cuneiform tablets discovered within the ancient city of Ebla hold clues that might unlock the mystery surrounding this epic figure. Join esteemed scholars on a journey of discovery and revelation that leads from the lands of Mesopotamia and Canaan to Jerusalem’s most sacred sites. Cross the holy lands in search of Abraham, a man whose extraordinary faith still serves as an example for millions. Abraham One Man One God probes deeply into the origins and enigmas of the Scriptures and illuminates one of the holiest men in history.