Murder in Rome


Murder in Romea re-enactment of the one of the most significant murder trials in history. Directed by Dave Stewart, and based on a genuine trial record, it’s set in Rome in 81BC. Sextus Roscius is accused of murdering his father, and found guilty he’ll face an agonising death. However, the stakes are just as high for Cicero, the lawyer defending him. If he wins the case, he could be killed. Inside the biggest and best courtroom in history. Roman trials were the ultimate in ancient entertainment. This is a gripping dramatisation of the best of them. In ancient Rome, the punishment for patricide was being flayed and imprisoned in a sack with a dog, snake, monkey and chicken before being thrown into the River. Forget the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus, the greatest public spectacle in ancient Rome took place in the Forum, where trials were packaged as entertainment, with life or death outcomes. Thousands flocked to see the spectacles, drawn by the prospect of lurid tales of murder, intrigue and violence. After all, there was no state prosecution service so the law was only open to the rich and famous, meaning the trials were a fascinating window on a world of debauched privilege. The stars of these bloody shows were the lawyers and the greatest of them all was Cicero (Paul Rhys). Proud of his achievements, Cicero kept a record of his most famous case. This dramatisation of his trial transcripts makes for compulsive viewing, packed full of numerous twists and intriguing characters such as Sextus Roscius Junior (Mark McGann).