Mega Disasters Noah’s Flood


This documentary aired as an episode in a three episodeone season series Prehistoric Mega Storms and as an episode in the 38 episode, three season series airing 2006 – 2008 Mega Disasters. Both series were shown on the History Channel. Mega Disasters explores potential catastrophic threats to individual cities, countries, and the entire globe. The two “mega-disasters” of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 inspired the series and provided a reference point for many of the episodes. Excepting only two shows devoted to man-made disastersthe threats explored can be divided into three general categories: meteorological, geological, and cosmic hazards. Prehistoric Megastorms is a paleontology series.
Episode 1 Hypercane – 65 million years ago the asteroid of the Yucatan Peninsula could have caused a giant storm that might have killed 70 percent of all animals on earth.
Episode 2 Noah’s Great Flood – 8000 years ago the Ice Age ended. Then a superflood bursts in a lush forest known now as the Black Sea.
Episode 3 Mega Tsunami – A giant wall of water strikes the mediterranean sea 6000 BC destroying civllatiations built by our forfathers. Could it have destroyed the mediterraean? And could it happen again?