Lost Cities Of The Ancients The Dark Lords of Hattusha


Documentary series which unearths lost civilizations and reveals the wonder of some of the world’s greatest lost cities.
The Vanished Capital of the Pharaoh – New series exploring the world’s greatest lost civilizations and citiesbeginning with the disappearing ancient Egyptian capital Piramese. The city sparked confusion when it was found in a location where it could not possibly have been built. Archaeologists Manfred Bietak and Edgar Pusch attempt to solve the baffling mystery.
The Cursed Valley of the Pyramids – Looking back at the Lambayeque civilization, who based their culture around a strong belief that building pyramids was essential to their survival – as was human sacrifice. Archaeologists in northern Peru found mass graves near the lost city of Tucume, revealing a bloody secret.
The Dark Lords of Hattusha – Profile of the ancient Hittite civilization, looking at what archaeologists found when they uncovered the lost capital of Hattusha, including temples, palaces and a pyramid like structure facing Egypt. The historians also discovered a library, charting the rise and fall of the empire, which vanished 3,000 years ago. Last in series The story of the formidable Hittites and the rediscovery of their capital, Hattusha.