The Krays by Fred Dinenage


Fred Dineage reflects on the time he spent with the Krays in the 80sghostwriting their autobiographies, and meets some of the gangsters’ contemporaries, including “Mad” Frankie Fraser. Legendary TV presenter Fred Dinenage is the official biographer to the most infamous gangsters in British historythe Kray Twins. In this extraordinary documentary Fred, for the first time, reveals the truth about his time with the Twins and their famously brutal lives. Before they died Ronnie and Reggie wanted to tell their story and publish an autobiography. They needed someone to write it and the man they chose to do this was top children’s TV presenter and news anchorman, Fred Dinenage. A very unusual partnership was born. The Krays, and their associates, gave Fred complete access to the truth and their biography bared all. It was Reggie who first asked Fred to write the book after meeting him while in Parkhurst Prison and it was an offer Fred could not refuse. The book was written over four years in the mid 80s and when it was published nearly ruined Fred’s career after a hate campaign which ran in the Sunday newspapers. Fred exposes the life of the Krays from a unique and unparalleled perspective. He tells the story of their lives, from their childhood to their heyday and then demise, and about his own involvement with the infamous Twins. He revisits some of the known Kray associates who he interviewed for his book in 25 years ago. And reveals the influence that their war torn East End upbringing had on them and their constant battle against authority, the desire for fame and the association with the famous in their heyday as well as their long lives in prison.