500 Nations Episode 8 Attack on Culture

In September 2004on the last remaining site on the Mall in Washington D.C., the Smithsonian Institution opened the National Museum of the American Indian, inaugurating a new era in the education of all people about Native America. In conjunction with this event, and in response to popular demand 500 nations was broadcast on the Discovery Channel. Episode 8 Attack On Culture – The final episode of this mini series explores the legislative attack on native ways, including the disbanding of communal land. Today, the renewal of native cultures reminds us of the glory of America’s original people and the hardships they endured.

Our War Episode 2 The Invisible Enemy

This seriesfirst aired in 2011, marks a decade of fighting in Afghanistan with a unique insight into the war told through films shot by the soldiers themselves. The BBC was given unprecedented access by the Ministry of Defence to thousands of hours of footage shot on helmet cameras and personal video cameras by soldiers. With the raw honesty of first person stories of life on the front line, the series offers a gripping and poignant insight into every side of the young soldiers’ experience, the average age is 21, from fear to boredom, grief to bravery, the camaraderie of the platoon and the return home. Episode 2 The Invisible Enemy – Follows the plight of the first troops sent to Helmand Province in 2006 and shows how, three years later, Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs had changed the war. A small platoon entered the town of Sangin in 2006 equipped to stay for a few days but ended up staying months, under heavy bombardment. As they struggle to survive, a supply drop off lands behind enemy lines by mistake. Later, in 2009, Captain Alex Rawlins films his men from 1st Battalion, the Grenadier Guards under threat from the increasing number of IEDs in Helmand Province. They lost of one their mates, 23 year old Guardsman Jamie Janes, who stood on a landmine during a patrol. The film shows how Jamie Janes’s death became a turning point in the British public’s awareness of the human cost of IEDs and how a misspelled letter turned into a political storm for the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

The Universe Episode 8 Space Wars

We are in the midst of the greatest era of space discovery. Twenty first century spacecraft and sophisticated imaging technology are venturing into uncharted territory every dayand much of the extraordinary phenomena are happening right in our own cosmic backyard. Episode 6 Ten Ways to Destroy the Earth – Don’t try this at home! In this episode, our experts cook up ten ways you could destroy the earth, including: swallowing it with a microscopic black hole; blowing it up with anti-matter; hurling it into the Sun, and switching off gravity. This is a fun way to explore the dangerous physics of the Universe and the properties of the planet we call home.

Unsolved History Hitler And The Spear Of Destiny

The spear that pierced Jesus’ side as he hung on the cross has become the Spear of Destiny in the imagination of Mankindand like the Holy Grail, has been the subject of countless works of literature, music, theatre and film. From its first mention by Tubal-Cain, seventh generation grandson of Adam, to its role in the Crucifixion, the same spear has found its way into key moments in history. Not surprisingly, Adolf Hitler coveted its power. Did Hitler posses the Spear of Destiny? Does it contain the power of God, or does it carry a more sinister magic? Where is it, who will pick it up, and what will he do with it this time?

Unsolved History Inside Hitler’s Bunker

In January 1945 Hitler engaged his new working office underground in the bunkerand since then he never no longer saw neither dawns nor sunsets nor solar rays. In the bunker he ate and slept, were carried out military meetings, there was married Eva Brown, and there he put an end to himself by five months later. Bunker still there, underground, but no one knows, where precisely it is located. This documentary completely reconstructed this construction with the aid of the remained plans and the maps, and shows the place, where Adolf Hitler spent his last hours.

Rory Bremner and the Fighting Scots

The Scots have a reputation as braveferocious warriors. Despite a troubled history with England, history shows that more of Scotland’s young men sign up to fight for the crown than anywhere else in Britain. Rory Bremner, whose own father and great grandfather were distinguished Scottish soldiers, sets out to discover why rebel clansmen became loyal servants of the military establishment. His story takes him to Culloden, Crimea and northern France. As the sound of the pipes floats over Scottish military camps in Afghanistan he asks if, after 250 years, the Scottish soldier’s loyalty to Queen and country is running out?

The Great Escape North Korea / China

North Koreans flee to Chinaforced to live in miserable conditions and are vulnerable to being sent back to hard labour camps, some commit suicide, others are easy targets. Reporter Oliver Steeds reports on the plight of thousands of North Korean women who have been forced into prostitution or sold as brides after fleeing persecution and starvation in one of the world’s most secretive and repressive regimes.