Archaeology Searching for the Neanderthal

John Rhys-Davies hosts this 1991 series that explores various archeological subjects and their link to stories of the past. The show explores the efforts of archaeologists and the methods they use to discover the answers to these mysteries. Episode Searching for the Neanderthal – They roamed Europe’s bleak grasslands braving cave bears mammoths and the freezing winters of the ice age and then they vanished. Their disapearance has stirred debate and speculation for over a century still the mistery lingers. For untold generations the neanderthals had europe to themselves. Then a new modern type of human began developing and spreading from Africa. Why did neanderthals as a group die out and why did modern humans become the only form of humans that around?

Ancient Monster Hunters

The Greek myths are filled with magical tales of transformation and legions of gods and heroes. But perhaps the most compelling stories are those of creatures like the one eyed cyclops and the ferocious half-lion half-eagle known as the griffin. Ancient Monster Hunters follows a group of paleontologists as they explore newly translated evidence and examine remains that just may have inspired tales of these legendary monsters.