Ancient Aliens Season 2 Episode 2 Gods & Aliens

Ancient Aliens explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years. From the age of the dinosaurs to ancient Egyptfrom early cave drawings to continued mass sightings in the US, first hand accounts and theories surrounding this age old debate. Did intelligent beings from outer space visit Earth thousands of years ago? Episode 2 Gods & Aliens – Myths and legends describe powerful gods, mutant giants and fearsome monsters. But why do so many different cultures, separated by vast distances, tell the same stories? Is it possible that myths and legends were really eyewitness accounts of ancient astronauts descending to Earth?

Hangar 1 The UFO Files Episode 1 Presidential Encounters

MUFONan independent organization dedicated to investigating UFOs, has worked diligently to compile, research and store these files. The series Hangar 1 The UFO Files will delve deep into these archives to look for connections, clues and evidence, because only by investigating the files of Hangar 1 can we find the truth about UFOs. Episode 1 Presidential Encounters – From Truman to Obama, our modern day Presidents have all had rich and controversial histories with UFOs and extraterrestrials. In fact, Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, and Reagan are each rumored to have had personal encounters. Inside Hangar 1, MUFON files ask, What do our presidents really know about the existence of UFOs? Are some Presidents kept in the dark because they aren’t trusted with that knowledge and how they might use it? Orare they all aware, but the secrets are too dark and deep that full disclosure becomes a risk they just can’t take?

Naked Science Episode 8 Alien Contact

The series features various subjects related to science and technology. Some of the views expressed might be considered fringe or pseudo-science. Episode 8 Alien Contact – What might these alien races look like? Could we communicate with themor even recognise them as intelligent? They may enrich us with scientific knowledge beyond our imagination. Or could an encounter with aliens have a more destructive outcome? Few scientists doubt that life indeed exists elsewhere, but some believe we’re more likely to make contact via radio waves. Join the search for extra-terrestrials and hear from scientists who think we are on the verge of making contact.

UFO Files Episode 16 China’s Roswell

The program covered the phenomena of unidentified flying and submerged objectsclose encounters with alleged extraterrestrial life, and alleged military and government cover up conspiracies. Episode 16 China’s Roswell – Legends from China tell of 716 mysterious stone discs, known as The Dropa Stones12 inch disc with a double spiral of tiny hieroglyphs that are said to contain the historical record of an alien race called the Dropa that crash landed in an isolated region of China 12,000 years ago.

World's Strangest UFO Stories Episode 4 Did Aliens Build The Pyramids?

We’ve all heard the stories of unidentified flying objectsmysterious little green men and alien invasions. They’ve been the subject of endless blockbuster films, science fiction thrillers and television series. But is there any fact behind the science fiction frenzy? Throughout the world there are thousands of reports of real people having witnessed something from another world, or even having been transported to another world, the stories are astonishing. This documentary scours the evidence, tracking down witnesses and victims who claim to have gotten up close and personal with aliens and features interviews with experts, sceptics and extraterrestrial fanatics who have dedicated their lives to uncovering the truth about the biggest, best and most extraordinary alien tales of all time. Episode 4 – Did Aliens Build The Pyramids – Did ancient astronauts build Egypt’s magnificent pyramids Britain’s mystical Stonehenge and the giant “moai” heads on Easter Island? In the absence of man made proof to the contrarysome UFO theorists find this idea very compelling. In addition to these awesome but inanimate objects, this episode also challenges religious and evolutionary doctrine to suggest that humanity itself is the product of alien design.

Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Where do flying saucers originate? Do they carry aliens from other worlds? Or is the truth actually a lot stranger. During World War II the Nazi’s employed scientists to re-imagine the boundaries of scientific thought and practise. Many in the field of advanced weapon design the programme that produced the V1 and V2 rockets that rained on Britain. But did this same unit produce rudimentary flying saucers? Declassified military documents detail the numerous reports by allied pilots of foo fighters unusual craft with incredible acceleration engaging them in the skies above Germany. In addition there was the Nazi “Der Glocke” or “The Bell” project for a vertical take off vehicle which resembles eyewitness reports of a UFO crash in Pennsylvania after the war. Thousands of Nazi scientists were brought to the US at the end of the war. Are these men, and the projects they continued to work on in America, responsible to little green men, 400 UFO sightings a month and even the Holy Grail for ufologists, the Roswell incident?