People's Century Episode 15 Asia Rising 1951

A departure from other documentaries that observe history as the actions of great menPeople’s Century considers the Century from the view of common people. Most persons interviewed were ordinary men and women who closely witnessed various events and they give personal accounts how developments in the Twentieth Century affected their lives. The opening credits depict various images from the century and a very short introduction. Episode 19 Asia Rising 1951 – Through thrift, hard work and discipline, Japan and later South Korea enjoy economic miracles that bring growth, prosperity and confidence to their once war ravaged and impoverished people. In Japan the Korean War kickstarts manufacturing, and growth is sustained through export orientated industries using Western technologies and production methods, and assisted by a dedicated, highly educated labour force strongly committed to improving their country. In the 1960s President Park Chung Hee largely followed Japan’s economic policies in steering South Korea’s stellar economic development, but was far more ruthless to dissent and labour movements. The peoples of both countries eventually enjoy the consumer items as the fruits of their efforts, and their personal attitudes change as a result. The introductory scene shows the end of US occupation in Japan.

Ancient Warriors Series 3 Episode 18 The Hawaiians Warriors of Paradise

Each half hour episode looks at a major fighting people or force and charts the reasons for their rise to dominance and subsequent fall. The show explores the motivations of ancient soldiersas well as how they lived, fought, trained, died, and changed the world. It also uses battle re-enactments and computer graphics to demonstrate military strategy. This series from the Discovery Channel is especially good for the lesser known groups of warriors. Episode 18 The Hawaiians Warriors of Paradise – Kamehameha unites the Hawaiian Islands under one kingdom. Behind it’s peaceful facade this paradise is a battleground. Rival armies flow across the land, no chief rules supreme. One will try, daring to link by force a chain of islands that has never been conquered.

Tattoo Hunter Crocodile Scarification of Papua New Guinea

Tattoo hunter Lars Krutak takes a trip into a remote village in the Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea in hope of becoming the first ever foreigner to take part in a traditional skin cutting ceremony which resembles the skin of a Pukpuk (Crocodile). Produced and directed by Kim MacQuarrie.