Mandela: The Living Legend Episode 1

David Dimbleby narrates two part documentary profile of Nelson Mandela. Former South African President and ANC leader, Nelson Mandela offers unprecedented access and a unique glimpse into his hectic daily life. Filmed at his home in South Africa and in a series of exclusive interviews with David Dimbleby, Mandela relays stories from his childhood and recounts many of the significant events that took place in his life, including his leadership of the ANC party and struggle against Apartheid, his term in office; and the arduous time he spent in Robben Island Prison. Recollections of his life are also heard from family and friends alongside famous and ordinary people, including the ANC’s political role model and the Cuban revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro. Former United States President and fellow AIDS campaigner, Bill Clinton speaks of the deep admiration that he holds for Mandela.

Wildest Africa The Sahara Life on the Edge

Wildest Africa is a celebration of the continent’s most spectacular locations, people and wildlife. It showcases the land’s epic natural spectacles and staggering beauty that are truly wild at heart. Go on safari to see the continent’s Big Five lion, elephant, leopard, black rhino, white rhino and Cape buffalo. Wildest Africa discovers their secret locations, their cultural and wildlife issues, as well as how the natural wonders they live in are being threatened. Episode 11 Sahara Life on the Edge – The Sahara is one of the hottest, driest places on earth, yet there is life here adapted to one of the harshest environments on earth. Even people find ways to survive and flourish. The program investigates how the Sahara’s wildlife has found incredible solutions to survival on the edge of existence.