Croc Ganglands

In Zambia’s remote Luangwa Valley there is one Nile crocodile so huge he reigns supreme as the undisputed king. Here, crocodiles thrive, and this ferocious, six meter long beast has his pick of the territory, the females and the food. However, this animal equivalent of the gangland boss is in for a rough ride when his turf is threatened by a younger, power-hungry up-and-comer. Crocodile Ganglands follows this river monster’s struggle for power and survival as he deals not only with this test of his authority, but also with the increasingly harsh surroundings as drought hits the region hard.

Carthage The Roman Holocaust Episode 2

Cambridge historian Dr Richard Miles traces one of history’s darkest and most compelling stories, the superpower rivalry between Carthage and Rome that radically transformed the ancient world. For the victor, the prize was unchallenged imperial domination, for the loser, it was obliteration. Richard Miles, reveals the truth about the Carthaginians, the remarkable and forgotten people. In 146 BC Roman General Scipio Destroyed the city of Carthage so painstakingly and utterly that not a single building was left standing. A new archaeological dig by Dr. Richard Miles of Cambridge University, penetrates the burned layer of the Roman holocaust and uncovers fresh evidence.