Bob and Rose Episode 5


The story follows the life of gay school teacher Bob who is fed up with the shallowness of dating on the gay club scene in Manchester. A romantic at heart Bob yearns to meet the right person and settle down. After yet another unsuccessful gay date he meets Rose while they are both waiting for a taxi cab. Rose is disenchanted with her down-to-earth boyfriend and is smitten with Bob but she does not initially realise he is gay. Subsequent episodes chart their on-off love affair which is bedeviled by the activities of Bob’s best friend Holly. Holly (Jessica Stevenson) is secretly in love with Bob and does everything she can to quietly interfere with Bob’s gay relationships because she does not want to lose him. Privately she is lonely and her only social life is through Bob and his gay clubs. When Rose suddenly appears on the scene Holly sees her as a threat. The story also follows the attempts of Rose’s mother to find a reliable boyfriend, and Bob’s campaigning mother who runs a fictional gay support group called Parents Against Homophobia (PAH!). The series is a gentle romantic comedy with each episode managing to end at an emotional or comic climax – as when Bob follows Rose down the street after they argue in a pub. He admits that their first heterosexual sex act has confused him but he wants to do it again. Equally confused, Rose turns towards the camera and unromantically says “Oh b*llocks!” and the credits roll. The script takes some shrewd looks at emotions and motivations but also contrasts the different atmosphere and attitudes within gay and straight UK night clubs – as in the scene where a straight man cannot get into a straight club wearing trainers but the gays can enter their club wearing skimpy satin sports clothes. One important scene which explains Bob’s disenchantment with the gay clubs comes when he is approached by an attractive man who talks only about physical acts. Bob, desperate to be regarded as an individual replies “I’m a Capricorn”. The series has an up beat ending which manages to resolve issues for all the main characters – even Holly eventually learns from her mistakes and blossoms into a person in her own right. Bob and Rose find happiness and Carl gets an angelic dream date.
Episode 1 – Bob and Rose meet hailing cabs after being straded in a remote part of Manchester. Later, despite the fact she already has a boyfriend, Rose tracks Bob down and engineers an accidental encounter. Rose freaks out when she discovers that her new friend, Bob, is gay. Also, Bob’s colleague, Holly, interferes when Bob and another male teacher get close.
Episode 2 – Bob and Rose are guilt ridden after a sexual encounter in a train toilet. When Holly finds out she is hurt. Bob arrives at his parents house to find his mother, Monica, hosting a Parents Against Homophobia meeting. Carol forcefully encourages Rose to move in with Andy but she can’t go through with it.
Episode 3 – Bob and Rose’s secret affair is revealed after Holly and Andy track them down in a restaurant. The confrontation leads to a break-up in the street. When Bob and Rose go out separately they realize just how much they need each other.
Episode 4 – Reactions differ as Bob and Rose meet each other’s friends and family. Rose’s pals adore Bob and Bob’s father is pleased. Bob’s ex, Carl, is rude to Rose and Bob’s mother, who has devoted her self to gay causes, is clearly upset. Rose’s mother’s new boyfriend, Trev, reacts with homophobia. Bob joins his mother, who is chained to a bus at a gay rally and they both end up on the news. Rose must wait for Bob to express his true feelings after she professes her love for him.
Episode 5 – Due to the news airing, of Bob and Monica at a gay rally, Bob’s gay past is out. After William confesses that he’s ashamed of Monica she moves out and in with Bob. Meanwhile, Holly tries to get over her disappointment by dating an old flame but is only further disappointed. Holly then plants doubts in Rose’s mind while Bob is getting drunk with Carl. Rose reveals Trev’s debts to her mother.
Episode 6 – Bob tells Holly what happened with Carl. Rose is hurt and ends the relationship after Holly tells her an exaggerated version of the events between Bob and Carl. Later, with Bob and Rose each miserable, Holly’s guilt leads her to repair the damage.