The Birth Of Television


This programme celebrates the 40th anniversary of the official opening of BBC Television by tracing the history of the development of television from its conception in 1908thru the BBC’s official opening and its first broadcast in 1937. With contributions from John Rowe, Leslie Mitchell, John Rye, John Parry, Cyril Fletcher, Arthur Askey, William Fox, Gracie Fields, Dinah Sheridan, Paul Williamson, Cecil Madden, Joan Miller, Roy Macready, Bill Drysdale, Peter Symonds, Reginald Barratt, Jasmine Bligh, Elizabeth Cowell, Celestine Randall, Leslie Glazer, Douglas Birkinshaw, Tony Bridgewater, Graham Suter, Kate Gielgud, Julia Lewis, Raymond Cooke, Ben Clapp, Jon Brient, Baird, Freddy Williams, Noel Noble, John Bliss, Martin Mathews, Martin Goldstien, Donald Hatton, J Percy, Bernard Greenhead, Laurie John (Director), Bruce Norman (Producer) First broadcast in 1976, repeated in 1984.