Theme of The Quarter

I am using a new program to show documentaries on the home page. I now have a small area at the top of localhost to highlight documentaries based on a theme I will try to change every quarter.


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Theme of the Week

I am using a new program to show documentaries on the home page. I now have a small area at the top of localhost to highlight documentaries based on a theme I will try to change every week.

Changes Coming to the List!

Hello Fellow documentary fans!! I am changing the software I use to run this site from Joomla and K2 to Wordpres. You read a good comparison of the two here. Why am I making this change? Well a lot of reasons. First I want to make the website pages load faster. WordPress is also better …

Update August 23 2018

Great News!I’ve finished adding categories to the over 1200 individual documentaries on localhost! This is so important because the whole point of this site is to make finding documentaries easy. The categories will also help with the search function, once that is up and running.But guess what? Just when I’m done with one thing, I’ve …

Update June 21st

Hi Fellow Documentary Fans,So I’m continuing the categorizing of all the documentaries and it’s pretty slow going.So far I’ve got 240 documentaries out of 1200+ categorized. I had to redo this because I switched from SobiPro to K2 to run the website, and the categorization didn’t transfer. I also added some more categories like Near …

Feb 27 2017 Update

Hi Fans,The site is back up and running. My next task is to go through all the documentaries and remove any dead ones. I also need to finish categorizing the documentaries.When I moved from SobiPro to K2 to host the site all the category information was stripped. So if you browse category Popular Series – …

Update February 7, 2017

Sorry for the site being down lately. Money problems again. I had to renew the domain and pay for 3 months of hosting again. I wasn’t able to do that in time which is why the site was down.I’m going to re-start the page tracking all my expenses, donations and ad income. GoogleAds have been …

Update May 19 2016

Hello fans,Work continues on the new website software. I have checked about half of the 1200 documentaries on the site and had to delete less than 100 because they are no longer available online. I’m going to update the experimental site with that today. I do have menus on the experimental site, but they aren’t …

Working On New Site Software

Hello Fellow Documentary Fans,If you are a frequent visitor to this site you have probably seen the “ERROR 505” page! Yeah I know it’s obnoxious.I’m working on replacing the software I use to run the site from SobiPro to K2. This is a major change that requires re-working the entire database. Basically what I am …

Update Sept 29 2015

Hi all, Have you noticed yet?? There are now tabs!! Checkout the picture further down the article. I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t noticed yet because these are on only the documentaries that have two or more streaming hosts. Why is this awesome? Well it increases the chance you can watch the documentary since …

Update on Site September 18, 2015

Hello everyone,So I just finished a code check for all documentaries added to the site before June, 2015. That means I actually clicked on each documentary to check if it was still up and working, to make sure the documentary streaming was actually what the title and series shows and that it wasn’t strangely shaped …

Update on the Site July 16, 2015

Hi Fans,I’m continuing to add new documentaries, my goal is 10 new documentaries a day. I also send out tweets, facebook posts, Google+ posts, and blogger posts, you can follow me on any of those formats by clicking the icon on the top right. As you know, the contents of DocumentaryList.NET are based on what …

Update June 7 2015

Hey there documentary fans!I just finished a streaming check. This is where I check on each and every documentary to make sure it is still up and available to watch online for free. I removed about 45 dead links, that leaves 650 – 700 documentaries with full descriptions, and categorized for you to browse and …

I’m still here!

Hello Documentary Fans!I know I haven’t given you an update in a while, that’s because I’ve been busy busy making updates to the site.The new version will be ready to release soon.Basically I’m stripping away as much code as possible to make the site load faster. I have also been looking at other sites to …

What I’m thinking of doing next

Hello Fans,So how are you liking the peek into the way I manage this website on my own? You can tell from my last few posts my mind darts around a lot. One good thing about having moderators to help me was that it forced me to be more logical about my “to do lists” …

Done with URL fix

Hello Fans,I finished my project of trying to shorten the URLs to the site. This may make the old tweets, facebook and google + posts announcing new documentaries on the site not work. I’m looking into that to see if I can easily fix it. If not I will delete the old announcements. When working …

Done with site wide streaming check

Hello fans,I’m done with checking each documentary to make sure it is still actually up and streaming. I found 78 documentaries that were no longer working and have unpublished them. That means I still have the description and categories selected, and still have that data stored, so if the producers decide to put the documentary …

Still Checking All Documentaries are up and working

Hi Fans,Still working on checking the documentaries are up and running. Of the 886 documentaries listed on the site I’ve checked 329 and found 100 of those 300 aren’t working. That’s either because the uploader deleted them, or the hosting site, like YouTube, deleted them or the account of the uploader.Almost all are from YouTube. …

Update January 21, 2015

Hi fans!I’m going to try and keep this blog up to date with at least weekly messages. They are going to be really short, but I think they might be interesting. I’m going to try to install a counter to see if these short messages are actually something people are interested in and reading.It’s tough …

Update 23-October-2012

Thought I’d give you another update and cross a few things off my to do list. So here’s the progress with completed stuff crossed out 1. Transfer old reviews and ratings to new database 2. Categorize documentaries – this takes a long time because I have to think of every possible category for a single …

Work Continues 2012-October-18

Hello All,Well I thought I would give you an update. Work is progressing much faster because with a SobiPro membership I have access to their VIP Help forum so I can help with coding problems very quickly.Anyway here are some pictures of the site now. It still looks pretty rough. But the point is to …

SobiPro 2012-October-05

Hello All,Well I finally broke down and bought the SobiPro software I have been wanting for this site. The software is free but the for the extra features I need I bought a silver level subscription. 60 Euros! Wasn’t cheap, so if you want to help out please donate through the donate button at the …

Sad News 2012-September-16

Hi Fans,So as you know I stay away from commenting on politics or the whole copyright vs. sharing debate. Except for the fact that I use open share software to create this site and I use “feature-ing” in my site. That means I have the regular list of documentaries that are in alphabetical and category …

Update September 16, 2012

Hello all,So as promised here’s an update. I’ve got an updated version of the site software working, with the current list of documentaries and descriptions working with it. The new software sobipro is not all free as the current version sobi2. The way SobiPro is setup is that you can get the basic software for …

This Week – 14 July, 2012

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve basically ignored this site for the past 6 months. I don’t have membership that would allow users to submit links to add to the library. This is because of the huge amount of spam memberships I used to get. I may start working on the site again. I don’t know. But …

This Week – Saturday 24 March, 2012

I finished removing all dead links. I also added a new poll feature to the site. I used it to create the diagram below of the current contents of the site. There are 215 documentaries and if I put each one in only one category.Coming Soon polls you can vote in to decide on future …

This Week – Friday 16 March, 2012

Hello All,Well I’m working on deleting dead documentaries. I’m visiting every link and testing. The bad news is our list of documentaries is getting smaller, the good news is you will not have the frustration of browsing through a category and seeing a description of what looks like a really great documentary only to click …

Your Paintings: A Culture Show Special

For yearsthousands of paintings owned by the British public have been hidden away and inaccessible, until now. Thanks to the work of the Your Paintings project, over 200,000 works in our national collections have been painstakingly uncovered, photographed and put online, some for the very first time, allowing art experts and amateur sleuths alike to make connections and discoveries that wouldn’t have been possible before. Alastair Sooke teams up with art detective Dr. Bendor Grosvenor to unearth some hidden gems and find out what the paintings say about British society.

Year Zero The Silent Death of Cambodia

1979 British television documentary written and presented by the Australian journalist John Pilger. The film recounts the bombing of Cambodia by the United States in 1970 during the Vietnam Warthe subsequent brutality and genocide that occurred when Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge militia took over, the poverty and suffering of the people, and the limited aid since given by the West. Viewers were so moved by the plight of the people that they donated 45 million to the station in aid. President Nixon and Mr. Kissinger unleashed 100,000 tons of bombs, the equivalent of 5 Hiroshimas. John Pilger vividly reveals the brutality and murderous political ambitions of the Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge totalitarian regime which bought genocide and despair to the people of Cambodia .

Women Pharaohs

New discoveries by Egyptologists have found that women pharaohs wielded secret powers in ancient Egypt. This documentary examines their rise to power and cultural influence in ancient Egypt. From Nefertitiwho some scholars believe briefly ruled before the accession of Tutankhamun, to Hatshepsut generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful pharaohs, learn about the female rulers of one of the ancient world s greatest dynasties. Of course no exploration of the women who ruled Egypt would be complete without an insight into the life of the most famous Empress of them all, the legendary Cleopatra. Traditionally she has been painted as a cruel voluptuary, but through dramatic reconstruction and breathtaking footage of various Roman and Egyptian sites, Discovery tells the true story of the Egyptian Queen. Narrated by Kyra Sedgwick.


Exclusive rough cut of first in depth documentary on WikiLeaks and the people behind it! Reporters Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquistof Swedish televitions, SVT, have traveled to key countries where WikiLeaks operates, interviewing top members, such as Assange, new Spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson, as well as people like Daniel Domscheit-Berg who now is starting his own version,, and other top members of the whistleblowing organization, some of who have since left the embattled internet site. The documentary chronicles the history of WikiLeaks, starting with its early leaks of Scientology documents and ending with its release of American diplomatic cables in 2010. Where is the secretive organization heading? Stronger than ever, or broken by the US? Who is Assange, champion of freedom, spy or rapist? What are his objectives? What are the consequences for the Internet?

Who Killed the Maya?

How could a civilization which thrived for over two thousand years just suddenly disappear? Today many believe that a giant drought killed off the Maya but is this really the case? World Maya Expert, Nikolai Grube began by looking at the Maya’s own historical records their fantastic hieroglyphic writing. Hidden within them he found two extraordinary figures: Dark Bat King and a Cold Killer Queen. Never before has the story of these remarkable individuals been brought to life. By resurrecting their spirit, Grube has come to the groundbreaking theory that the Maya collapse cannot be blamed on natural forces, but on the violent world of human politics and power struggles.

Who Killed Stalin?

Documentary about the final hours of Stalin’s lifewhy was he denied medical attention, was he poisoned? Was it one of his inner circle of cronies and henchmen, also reconstructions of that days events and interviews with Stalin’s living relatives and the children of his inner circle. This is a real who done it.

When Dinosaurs Roamed America

This documentary combines computer animation with live action footage to show how dinosaurs might have looked striding over the landscapes of the United States. Each portion of the U.S. is profiled to show what it looked like millions of years ago and what animals strode that particular portion of the continent.

What Sank the Mary Rose?

The Mary Rosebuilt five centuries ago and named after the favourite sister of Henry VIII, was a forerunner of today’s battleships. A team of experts from the fields of shipbuilding, science, history and archaeology gather to study the evidence and try to pin down the reason for the disaster. Using a scaled down model of the Mary Rose, forensic scientists reconstruct the ship’s last voyage, and a tragic picture emerges of her final moments.In a cellar under a naval dockyard are some of the remains of an English warship that mysteriously sank in 1545 taking over 400 with her the reason the ship sank has never been fully explained over the centuries the french the crew and even the shipwrights have all been blamed for the catastrophe only now are archeologist and scientist beginning to come up with new evidence to explain one of the great disasters of sea warfare The sinking of the Mary Rose.

Waffen SS Hitlers Elite Fighting Force

As the Nazi Reich staggers toward final extinction desperate resistance continues amidst the rubble of Berlin. Hitler had sent his armies marching and ravaging over a continent and beyond. Throughout all that vast sphere of conflict there was one band of fighting men who were everywhere known. In their brief but extraordinary existence they won a unique reputation for daring elan and unfailing professionalism in combat. Yet if their courage was beyond disputeso too was the fear and loathing which they elicited, even eventually among their own people, and in the regular soldiers alongside whom they fought. In the long period of decline and retreat, despite repeatedly sustaining appalling casualties their discipline remained unbroken, their fighting ardour unimpaired, almost to the very end, and for all their high undoubted bravery they bear a reputation forever shrouded with infamy.

Victorian Sex Explorer

Actor and writer Rupert Everett takes a revealing and witty journeyretracing the steps of one of his great heroes the infamous author, Victorian explorer and sexual adventurer, Sir Richard Burton. Labelled Dirty Dickin part for his translations of the Kama Sutra and The Arabian Nights, to others Burton was a pioneer, bringing new cultural ideas of sex and religion from the East to the West.

Vatican Hidden World

To mark the Papal visit to the UKa camera crew have spent a year filming a world that few have ever seen. With unprecedented access to the Vatican and the people who live and work there, this is a unique profile of the heart of the Catholic Church and the world’s smallest Sovereign State. Archivists reveal the Vatican’s secrets, including the signed testimony of Galileo recorded by the Inquisition. A Cardinal journeys deep below St Peter’s Basilica to inspect the site claimed to be tomb of the Saint himself, and curators share a private viewing of Michelangelo’s extraordinary decoration of the Sistine Chapel.

Ultimate Survivor The Mystery of Us

Through reenactmentscomputer animation and expert analysis, this documentary charts the origins of humanity, chronicling the evolutionary development that left Homo sapiens as the lone remaining human species. Text books will no longer include the famous illustration of human evolution moving in a straight progression from hulking ape to modern human. A new generation of scientists is unearthing tantalizing clues in a mystery that circles the globe over millions of years. Their discoveries are dramatically rewriting the human story. This new evidence reveals prehistoric ancestors did not walk the earth alone. Parallel experiments in human evolution gave rise to diverse human forms, from giants to hobbits … each with the intelligence skills and potential to flourish. Some evolved, others died off, and even those that gave rise to modern man may have teetered at the edge of extinction. How and why did we outlive nature’s other human experiments? What happened over the millennia to help us survive?

Truth of Troy

The legend of Helen of Troy has enchanted audiences for the last three thousand years. A Hollywood film staring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom is about Troy. But is there any reality to the myth? This documentary has unprecedented access to the scientist with the answers. Since 1988 Professor Manfred Korfmann has been excavating the site of Troy. He has made amazing discoverieshow large the city was, how well it was defended and, crucially, that there was once a great battle there at precisely the time that experts believe the Trojan war occurred. But who had attacked the city and why? This documentary follows a trail of clues, the ancient tablets written by a lost civilisation, the sunken ship rich in treasure, and the magnificent golden masks and bronze swords of a warrior people. Korfmann is using science to get closer than ever to the truth behind the myth by digging in tunnels deep beneath the excavation site.

T-Rex Warrior or Wimp?

Tyrannosaurus Rexit’s the scariest, meanest, most bewitching dinosaur of them all. Children are captivated by the sheer savagery of the teeth. Moviemakers made millions out of the terror it inspired. But could our picture of this monster be completely wrong? Was T. Rex in fact a slow lumbering creature, with hideously bad breath, that couldn’t get anywhere close to catching a Triceratops. Was it really a scavenger that lived off the scraps left by others? Was T. Rex, in fact, a wimp?

Treasures of the Anglo Saxons

For almost 1000 years Norman cathedrals and castles have dominated the British landscapebut this norman legacy has eclipsed another culture. The lost art of the people the Normans conquered, the art of the Anglo-Saxons. The discovery of these golden hordes would radically alter our interpretation of the Anglo-Saxons. They used materials and techniques that brought together the ideas and beliefs of Scandinavia, main land Europe and the middle east. The Anglo-Saxons developed a complex artistic language that combined both their pagan past and their Christian future. They created a world of codes and secret messages that revealed the inner workings of the Anglo-Saxon mind, much of which has remained hidden until now. This documentary explores the collection of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England and is presented by Dr. Nina Ramirez of Oxford University.

Through Hell for Hitler

Chronicling the exploits of former German Panzer driver Henry Metelmannwho was conscripted to fight for the Fatherland in World War Two. Transformed from idealistic Hitler Youth to battle-hardened soldier, he was responsible for the deaths of surrendering fighters and innocent civilians, only surviving the Russian Front through a combination of luck and cowardice. He tells his story in flashbacks from his home in Britain as an old man. A matter of fact account of his youth before the war and his trials during his time as a soldier.

The White Chapel Murders

This is a modern detective story and it’s the story of a clue the world once knew but then forgot about or covered up. That clue is the key to the most notorious mystery in the history of crime. For more than 30 years it lay neglected a dusty sheet of paper buried in an old book shop. But now it’s the start of a trail that leads straight to the forgotten prime suspect in the white chapel murders of 1888. The victorian police had a vital cluebut it has been left until now for a suffolk police constable to discover. The story of Jack the ripper, has always been the stuff of melodrama, shrouded in fog and folklore, the ripper story is infested with bogus theories and suspects. Cutting through the fiction, this documentary attempts to focus on the forensic facts.

The Unholy Battle for Rome

In September 1943 the German army marched into Rome, beginning a 9 month battle for control of the Eternal City. It was the Allied aim to preserve the Holy City’s sacred institutions and treasures. So the staggering human cost before the city’s military conquest is nearly incomprehensible. The special is based on the book The Battle for Romeits author Robert Katz was subject to five penal proceedings over the years for his contention that fear of Communism produced a Faustian pact between the Vatican and the occupying Germans. The research draws on interviews with participants inside the city, and also on previously secret documents from Italian, German, Vatican, OSS and CIA archives. We hear from ordinary Roman citizens, informants, opportunists, spies, double agents, and Germans who risked death in efforts to save Jews. We see Rome as the hotbed of assassination, intrigue, treason, and bravery that it was as we look unflinchingly at unresolved controversies.

The True Story of Troy

It is the most legendary war in history. It begins with a beauty contest and ends with a giant horse unleashing destruction and annihilation. A tale so powerful it inspires 3,000 years of myth and legend. It is a story of armies divided, stolen treasure, an ancient world trade center, and a war without end. Now archaeologists, literary detectives and military analysts are uncovering evidence that the mythological city destroyed by beauty and vengeance, may be real. This is the true story of troy. For thousands of years fortune seekers and archaeologists have been searching these shores for evidence of the Trojan war and now some say they have found it. In turkey an international team is excavating what they believe to be the site of legendary Troy.

The Trial of Jesus

What is known about the trial and execution of Jesus? Despite the familiar gospel stories of the new testamentmuch of the historical account remains a mystery. What most historians can agree on is this: around the year 30 of the first century, a Jewish man named Jesus, leaves his home in the Galilea and does something in the Jewish temple that causes him to be arrested. Then the occupying Roman authorities execute him by crucifixion. Beyond that crucial facts remain unclear. Why is he arrested? What charges are brought against him and by whom, and why is he given the cruelest of punishments, death by crucifixion? Eminent scholars sift through Roman, Jewish and early Christian documents searching for answers.

The Spirit Hunters

The Spirit Hunters follows anthropologist Glenn Shepard as he lives with and learns from the Machiguenga Indiansa remote ethnic group that inhabits Peru’s upper Amazon jungle. The core of Machiguenga beliefs center around their view of the rainforest and the spirits that inhabit it. By ingesting the hallucinogen Ayahuasca, the Machiguenga are able to perceive the spirit world of the rainforest that surrounds them. This 60-minute documentary is narrated by James Earl Jones. Written and co-produced by Kim MacQuarrie.